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I realize I’ve been neglecting this blog recently in favor of my other one, Stalybridge In Old Photographs , I hope you don’t mind.

I promise there are more history type posts to come, but in the mean time, following on from Al’s Autumn photos, here are some fab Wintry shots taken from and of Cocker Hill. The first few look foggy and damp, the next lot are bright and clear and the final few have a lovely “warm” evening light. I put a picture of our fire on the end just to warm us up after the “cold” pictures. Enjoy.

Stalybridge, Victoria Marklet Hall, from Cocker Hill 2015

Stalybridge, Victoria Market Hall, from Cocker Hill 2015

Snowy Rooftops from Cocker Hill, 2015, St Pauls Church is in the top left of the picture

Snowy Rooftops from Cocker Hill, 2015, St Pauls Church is in the top left of the picture



Snowy Rooftops from Cocker Hill, 2015. St Peters Church is in the centre


Snow on the roof of Stokes’ Mill Stalybridge, now flats.


Snowy Rooftops from Cocker Hill, 2015

Snowy Rooftops from Cocker Hill, 2015

Snowy Hills from Cocker Hill. 2015

Snowy Hills from Cocker Hill. 2015

Sycamore Tree, Old St Georges Graveyard, Cocker Hill

Sycamore Tree, Old St Georges Graveyard, Cocker Hill

Snowy Hills from Cocker Hill.

Snowy Hills from Cocker Hill

Old St Georges Churchyard, Cocker Hill

Old St Georges Churchyard, Cocker Hill

Snowy Hills from Cocker Hill

Snowy Hills from Cocker Hill


Warm up by the fire!

A couple more from a snow day off school 29/01/15


DSCN3227 DSCN3228 DSCN3230DSCN3218



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Here are a few photographs of Cocker Hill taken over the last month or two; they remind me of the gorgeous Autumn sunshine and warm yellow light. The warmth and sunshine seem long gone today.

2012JanToDec 009 (4) 2012JanToDec 001 (5) 2012JanToDec 012 (4) DSC_0427 DSC_0426 DSC_0417 DSC_0414 DSC_0410 DSC_0408 2012JanToDec 033 2012JanToDec 031 2012JanToDec 037 2012JanToDec 047 DSC_0405 DSC_04062012JanToDec 010 (4)

I feel very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place.


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Well,  to be more precise my husband bought me a picture. I turn 40 later this month and am finding it fairly easy to suggest just one more present……….thanks Al. I love you.        

Normally I wouldn’t add personal stuff to this Cocker Hill blog; but in this case I have a good excuse as the picture is a view from the Cocker Hill Churchyard, looking North East, towards St Paul’s Church, Stalybridge. The building in the foreground was Stokes’ Mill. It is now apartments. 

The picture is what I consider to be my view, the one I look at with my coffee after the school run in the morning. Most other people look up a the hills or down onto the town centre, but I look down and across the river………So when I saw the painting I had to have it.       


A Light Snow - Sheila Vaughan


 If you want to see more of Sheila’s Stalybridge paintings you can see photos of them on her blog.

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Guest post by Alan Mellor

It’s always great to hear of amazing things in the past. What never ceases to amaze me, though, is how the past tends to become the present. I write this in spring 2010 as a resident of Cocker Hill. There isn’t a church here anymore, and so no fantastic stories of 3,000 people gathered to see vicars at each others throats. There is the odd horse – the odd sheep grazing on the Churchyard, even – but no liveried huntsmen at funerals. Weaver’s cottages but no weavers. Pub visitors (ahem) but no pubs.

Massive change, perhaps as you might expect in quarter of a millennium of change and adjustment.

The weavers now live in China, and we buy their wares from Tesco. The pubs are still around, of course, just a little further away. Whilst not a major communications route by road, Cocker Hill – by virtue of its proximity to the telephone exchange – has probably the fastest broadband internet communications around. As such, perhaps it is no surprise to find it is home to an outpost of internet technology company http://www.yuuguu.com

Many things are the same. The cobbles are still here. A sense of local pride and neighbourly decency is here. But I think the similarities go even deeper.

Just as in 1750, when Cocker Hill was home to what were then the hi-tech industries of the day (steam power, textiles, precision instrument manufacturers) – it still is. Within walking distance are no less than two media companies ( www.greekblokeproductions.com and www.cockerhillmedia.net) and company specialising in Actor’s showreels (www.simplyshowreels.co.uk).

Perhaps there is something about the view from our windows that encourages looking up and dreaming positive dreams. Perhaps the area simply attracts – as it always has done – hard-working, creative people. I don’t know.

But I do know that Cocker Hill – both the street and the area – has been home to many interesting, challenging, creative people this last 250 years.

It looks well set to continue!

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A few photos of the area from our albums.

Old St Georges Churchyard, Cocker Hill from Rock Cottage September 2009


Rock Cottage gateposts to Shawmoor; September 2009


Cocker Hill cobbles September 2009


Old St Georges Churchyard, Cocker Hill; September 2009


Old St Georges Churchyard; October 2009


Rock Cottage, Cocker Hill; October 2009


Cocker Hill looking towards Holy Trinity Church and Stalybrige Civic Hall; January 2010


Bohemia Cottages; April 2010



Rock Cottage, rear view; July 2009


Rock Cottage, July 2009


Cocker Hill Churchyard May 2010


Cocker Hill Churchyard; May 2010


Stormy Weather; Shawmoor from Cocker Hill.

Full Moon; Mottram Road from Cocker Hill

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